Family Feature: TyQuareon Mason

Written on May 2, 2023

Just like any other kid, TyQuareon Mason from Chadbourn, NC, loves playing basketball, video games and spending time with his mom. Until everything changed.

Ty was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. A life changing diagnosis, his mom tells us.
“Ty had six months of treatment including 34 rounds of radiation, many away from home.”

This was a hard journey for the family to adjust to. “We went back and forth to appointments for a month. Then he had to get blood work three times a week. This meant we had to travel back and forth to Duke every third week for treatments,” details his Mom.

And that’s not all. “Some stays lasted up to seven days. We then had to leave to go to Philadelphia for two months. It was very hard because I had to adjust to not being able to work like I needed to; Ty could not go to school and had to complete virtual schooling; and it put a financial struggle on our family.”

Ty’s mom was grateful for the community, family, and Children’s Cancer Partners during this challenging time. “Children’s Cancer Partners supported us with gas, food, and getting us a flight to CHOP,” mom tells us of her gratitude.

Ty and his mom also enjoyed many of the events put on by Children’s Cancer Partners to further support families. Virtual family game night was a favorite, as well as the Holiday Spectacular in Raleigh. “We had a good time and we enjoyed networking, talking with others, and participating in the activities,” said mom.

We asked Ty’s mom what she wants other families to know; and she says it best:

“To keep and put God first. It’s difficult seeing your child go through and endure these treatments. But what stands the test of time, is that God is always there. It seems rough at first, but stay strong. Some days you will cry and that’s ok, too.”

Ty has some special words for you, too:

“I am thankful for your support and I am well on my way. Stay strong and stay the course. It’s going to certainly be ok! You guys got this.”

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