CCP Salutes World Social Work Day

Written on March 16, 2021

A childhood cancer diagnosis crashes down on the entire family.  It blocks out the sun.

The first ray of sunshine parents see is the pediatric oncology social worker who helps them overcome their shock, who guides them with assistance and tools that will aid them on their journey.

We are proud to be a big part of that assistance, and to partner with these extraordinary social work professionals day-in and day-out to ensure children get to treatment, and families get to the other side of childhood cancer’s raging river intact, prepared for all that lies ahead.

When they call us and ask for help, we know they have run out of options, run out of resources, and that a child’s welfare is on the line.  Together, we figure it out, and get that child, that family back on the path to recovery.

Sometimes they all with the saddest news of all, and we hear it in their voice, even before the words. And again, we figure out the best things we can do for that family, and the loving memory of their child.   

There are so many stories over the last six plus years with the amazing social workers we work with.  One story in particular that stands out is when I was helping a child with a complicated cancer diagnosis that required out of state treatment. The social worker and I spent hours on this one case working out details and arrangements for a child and mother.  We ran into the evening and weekend working through issues and I was so amazed at the care this social worker had.  She is one of the 30 we work with who makes a difference in the over 1340 children in our program!  Thank you social workers for referring you children to us and trusting CCP to be a partner to you!

Laura Allen, Executive Director of Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas

Social workers are special. We salute them all year long, but especially during Social Work Appreciation Month

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