How We Help

The feeling of isolation is all too familiar for families who have a child diagnosed with cancer. Many hours are spent in the hospital for treatment and many days are spent at home to protect your immunocompromised child. Family activities offered by Children's Cancer Partners gives our children and their families the space to connect with others who are on a similar journey - a childhood cancer journey. It's special when families recognize others and connect beyond the time set for the family activities.

Children's Cancer Partners' Family Advocates focus on the needs of each of their children and their families. In order to best support each child, partnerships are formed with other organizations to ensure each child receives their treatment. From flights, to lodging, and even mental health support, no need is unmet. Children's Cancer Partners also offers individuals budgeting assistance. Along with a childhood cancer diagnosis comes a potential drop in income. No one budgets for cancer, so Children's Cancer Partners offers guidance on how to create a budget for expenses that do not center around their child's treatment.

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Treatment centers can be hours away, & costs add up.