What is Lids for Kidz?


Lids for Kidz is based on our successful peer-to-peer fundraising program in schools—and now, organizations can participate, too!

This program allows you to have a little fun while helping children who are in a life-or-death struggle with cancer. It's so simple! Your organization can sign up to host a day. All you have to do is tell everyone to bring a small amount (we recommend $5!) and help PUT A CAP ON childhood cancer.

By participating in Kidz in Lids, you'll help local children from your area get to their cancer treatments. Your support ensures that mileage, gas, transportation, food, and lodging are covered while they are being treated far from home.

We hope we can count on you to sign your organization up for a Lids for Kidz Day!

How Easy is it to Sign up?


Ready to sign up?

Getting started is simple and takes just a minute! Click here to fill out just a little bit of information, and we'll get you all the resources you need for a successful Lids for Kidz day!


“This program was both fun and easy! Our employees enjoyed the day as a way to give back to the childhood cancer community.“

Allison Smith, MD - Clemson Eye