Children’s Cancer Partners’ data shows treatment center disparities for Cape Fear, NC, children battling cancer

(New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick Counties, NC) – Battling cancer is an arduous journey, and for many children in the Carolinas, it’s compounded by the geographic challenges they face in accessing treatment centers. With only seven pediatric oncology treatment centers in North Carolina and three in South Carolina, many families have to travel hundreds of miles to the closest center for treatment or stay away from home for weeks or months for care after their child is diagnosed with cancer. Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas (CCP), a nonprofit that helps more than 2,300 children battling cancer and their families in the Carolinas annually, provides financial and emotional resources for the ‘hidden costs’ of cancer. When a child is diagnosed, CCP provides financial resources for travel, food, and overnight lodging for treatment.

map of treatment centers in the carolinas

The real struggle lies in areas like Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick counties, whose nearest comprehensive pediatric cancer center is three hours away at UNC in Chapel Hill or Duke in Durham. CCP’s cumulative support data over the past four years shows that 71 New Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick County children have received more than $500,000 in aid from the organization to help with the cost of getting to treatment. Despite the small size and population of these counties, the three are in CCP’s top 10 counties for aid received. CCP provides aid to children in all 146 counties in the Carolinas.

“This data underscores the need for help with access to pediatric oncology treatment centers all over the United States, particularly in areas where there is no option for hundreds of miles,” said Laura Allen, CCP Executive Director. “So many of our children have daily chemotherapy or radiation treatments. They have siblings who still need to get to school and parents who have jobs without leave. It’s even harder for a single parent. That’s why Children’s Cancer Partners’ mission is so crucial. We provide the help and the aid to try to relieve as many burdens as possible.”

CCP’s commitment extends beyond just monetary support; CCP also offers emotional resources, ensuring that families are not isolated during their journeys.

Disparities like these are just one reason we hold the Strut for Childhood Cancer Race in Wilmington, NC, every year. This race raises money to provide aid for Cape Fear children battling cancer and their families. Join us on Saturday, March 9, 2024, at Long Leaf Park in Wilmington to support our mission! Sign up today at