Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas Awarded Grant for Special Needs

Written on May 15, 2019

Greenville, S.C. – Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas (CCP) was awarded a grant of $60,000 by Greenville Women Giving to create a Greenville County Childhood Cancer Special Needs Fund. The fund will help local families with the extraordinary costs that arise during a childhood cancer battle.

The Greenville County Childhood Cancer Special Needs Fund will enable CCP to ensure the Greenville families they serve are able to access all the care they need during their childhood cancer battle. Often, children are referred to distant pediatric oncology centers for specialized treatments when Carolina centers run out of options. CCP assists families with treatment travel, lodging and meals, and with special homecare needs throughout time of treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy affect young cancer patients and their development; CCP stays with families even after cancer treatment is over until the child is 21 and assists when additional travel is needed for surgeries, prosthetic replacements, organ transplants, and other challenging after-effects of cancer. The crushing costs and burdens of childhood cancer can be overwhelming to families. CCP is able to assist with family emergencies that could otherwise result in evictions, repossessions, or foreclosures.

“Children’s Cancer Partners is an excellent organization serving children battling the unimaginable and we could not be more proud to join in that fight,” stated Beverly Ward, Chair of Greenville Women Giving’s Grants Review Committee.

“Greenville Women Giving’s grant will ensure that our Greenville families have a safety net as they face childhood cancer,” said Laura Allen, Executive Director of CCP. “Our close and continuous relationships with our families throughout their cancer journey allow us to anticipate potential crises, and this ‘Special Needs Fund’ will give us the ability to intervene and avert these crises.”

Currently, there are 700 children enrolled with CCP across the entire Carolinas, with 28 children in Greenville County. CCP steps in at the time of diagnosis to provide financial support, family assistance with coordinating care, emotional support and connections to other families experiencing childhood cancer.

About Children’s Cancer Partners

The mission of Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas is to provide comprehensive support and loving compassion to families whose children are battling cancer to improve their overall quality of life. The organization serves children and families throughout SC and NC. 864-582-0673

About Greenville Women Giving:
GWG is a philanthropic organization serving Greenville County, SC, and was founded on the idea that women, when informed about philanthropy and the needs in their community, can collectively make a real difference. GWG’s Mission is to work strategically and collectively to identify and fund worthy organizations in the areas of arts, education, environment, health, and human services. Founded in 2006, GWG has donated $6 million in total grant funding over the past 13 years. For more information, visit


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