Thank you for going above the call of duty for children with cancer in the Carolinas

Written on March 30, 2021

Ki Young Chung, MD,
Chairman of Children’s Cancer
Partners of the Carolinas
Board of Directors

The global pandemic has affected every facet of our life. Each day brings more tragedy and sadness, new rules for health safety, more restrictions often without answers. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced personal loss. Now imagine, in the midst of this pandemic, that your child has been diagnosed with cancer.

You’ve stopped work to be a full-time caregiver, dramatically affecting household income. You may be required to drive your child 75+ miles for cancer treatment, 3 or more times a week for many months, and address all the potential side effects related to therapy, sometimes with limited support. Perhaps specialized care is needed in Cancer Centers in New York, Texas or beyond.

These are just some of the circumstances in which our organization, Children’s Cancer Partners, provides invaluable services for these families in need. We are a safety net, overcoming the challenges of distance-to-treatment and limited family resources. With support for treatment travel, lodging, meals, homecare and emergency assistance, we ensure every Carolina child has timely and complete access to treatment, regardless of how often or far they must travel.

The key to our success is in our name – our partners – that help us deliver our mission every single day. Healthcare teams, supporters, grants, and volunteers that help our vision come to life for these brave children.

Today, on March 30 as we celebrate National Doctors’ Day, we would like to extend our personal thanks to some of our most important partners, the physicians caring for these children. Every day, we hear stories of the doctors who go above the call of duty to provide care, comfort, expertise, and hope to our families battling childhood cancer.

The stories of physicians who spend countless hours looking for the last hope clinical trial; who skip their lunch breaks comforting a family; spend their evenings with personal calls to explain a new diagnosis. Their work and dedication are noticed and appreciated not just on Doctors’ Day, but every day.

One day is simply not enough to say thank you for going above the call of duty every day. Nonetheless, on behalf of our children warriors, we thank you.

I invite all readers today to learn more about Children’s Cancer Partners, refer a child, or recognize a health care provider who has been instrumental in childhood cancer treatment by visiting

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