Join Hundreds of Schools and Host a Kidz in Lids Day!

Written on May 16, 2023

Hundreds of schools across North and South Carolina have hosted a Kidz in Lids day this year, raising money for Children’s Cancer Partners to support local children with cancer. We want to make sure your child’s school or school district is signed up to participate! It’s easy!

Put simply, Kidz in Lids Inclusion Program is just one way the community can give back to Children’s Cancer Partners; and it is an exclusive way for children in the Carolinas to help children of the Carolinas who are battling cancer. Local schools can sign up to host a Kidz in Lids day any day of the school year. It’s easy! All students have to do is bring $1 to school to wear a hat (and faculty can participate by bringing $5 to dress casually for the day). This money is collected and goes directly back to Children’s Cancer Partners to support children in the school or district’s local area.

“We would be honored for your child’s school to participate,” said Laura Allen, Executive Director of Children’s Cancer Partners. “We are so proud of the students of our Kidz in Lids schools for helping our families get to their treatments.”

**Here you can see our Top 10 schools! We want to see your school added to the list!

“Spartanburg District 5 is proud to partner with Children’s Cancer Partners to host Kidz in Lids,” said Melissa Robinette, spokeswoman for District 5. “This inclusion program is something we are proud to support because it teaches our students inclusion, kindness, empathy, and, most importantly, allows students to give back to other students who are battling cancer and need the support of their peers.”

Here what our students have to say about Kidz in Lids.

Want to make sure your school participates? Make sure you get your school signed up! For more information or to sign you school up, please email Kate Morrow at [email protected].

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