Letter to the Editor: Local organization supports children battling cancer

Written on September 8, 2022

For many in the Upstate, the word cancer hits hard. And for an even smaller group, the words Childhood Cancer hit even harder. For me personally, these words hit close to home. As a leader in the Upstate, this personal passion led me to search for an organization that would allow me to give back to families on the childhood cancer journey.

Glenn Cash, Children’s Cancer Partners Board Member

I was so humbled to learn about an organization right here in our backyard that does exactly that. Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas is an organization whose mission is to cover treatment related travel costs–food, lodging, and transportation–so that families could get their child to treatment no matter how often or how far. I wanted to be involved immediately.

This incredible organization helps families get to the treatments their children need–whether that is providing gas cards to travel locally to PRISMA or providing air and hotel travel arrangements to get to needed treatments beyond the Upstate. We believe every child deserves the very best treatment, and I am honored to be a part of ensuring we get them there. 

We are fortunate here in the Carolinas to have this organization, Children’s Cancer Partners, that reaches out to families within 24 hours, walks beside them on their terrifying journey, and fills the financial gaps so that every child has access to the best care–whether that be in New York, Houston or beyond, they make sure children get there.

In honor of children fighting cancer in the Upstate this month especially, please take a few minutes to visit that organization–Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas at www.childrenscancerpartners.org to learn more about the enormous challenges of childhood cancer, and what you can do to make things better.


Glenn Cash 

Board Member, Children’s Cancer Partners 

Vice President of Accounting and Finance

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