Letter to the Editor: These children deserve to fight their battle

When I was asked to join Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas (CCP) as a board member, it was an easy and immediate “Yes!” It’s easy to find your “why” with an organization like CCP whose mission to support families whose children are battling cancer is so noble and so incredibly needed. 

Cancer touches almost every family but not every family is concerned that their car won’t be able to make the many and often hours-long journeys to the nearest pediatric cancer center for treatment, not everyone is worried they’ll lose their job while taking the time to care for their sick child. 

Now that I am a new Mom, I think of so many children whose lives are threatened; cancer is the number one disease killer of children in America. These children and their families deserve to fight their battle with dignity and without crushing emotional worries and financial pressures. That is why I choose to support this worthy organization, especially now during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

All children deserve a fighting chance—CCP helps to provide this chance and provides a community for our children and their families. There are 50 Cape Fear region children depending on CCP today, and another 18 or more will join them every year.  

I invite you to become a member of our community of fighters, of cheerleaders, of advocates and of our family for the sake of each one of the brave children being served by Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas. Learn more by visiting them at www.childrenscancerpartners.org

And then please consider donating your time, talents and treasure today!


Alex Hunt North