May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Brain tumors are the most common solid tumors affecting children and adolescents, with close to 5,000 children diagnosed each year (source: Symptoms of brain tumors can include:




            -Lethargy and drowsiness

A child experiencing these symptoms should be evaluated by their pediatrician to decide next steps. Treatment can range from surgery, Radiation therapy as well as Chemotherapy. Because of their location, some pediatric brain tumors and the treatments can cause long-term impairment to intellectual and neurological function.

Children’s Cancer Partners currently works with 94 children in the Carolinas who have been diagnosed with brain cancer. We are privileged to interact with these superheroes and gain inspiration from their strength.  

Awareness months or days are the only way a cause can gain any momentum.  As we go through this month, we invite you to join us in any way you can through volunteering, sending notes to our superheroes, donations or even sharing this blog. The “cure is for everyone” and so we must work together to get to that goal.