Mission Monday: Burkley Ford

Written on June 13, 2022

In February 2021, Burkley was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma, cancer that forms in
certain types of nerve tissue, at the tender age of three. She had a large tumor in her abdomen with
metastasis to her lymph nodes as well as her bone marrow. Genetic testing found the tumor to be
the more aggressive form of Neuroblastoma, giving Burkley a 50% chance of survival. In February,
she had a very successful surgery which removed the tumor and bulk of the malignant abdominal
lymph nodes. She then underwent 6 rounds of inpatient chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant
(which was 7 weeks of inpatient at the Medical University of South Carolina), and radiation. She is
now undergoing monthly inpatient immunotherapy. In June 2021, her testing showed no evidence of
disease and thankfully has had no evidence of disease since.
Children’s Cancer Partners has supported Burkley and her family during her entire journey. CCP aided her family with the cost of gas, parking, and meals – three expenses that add up quickly. This financial burden would have posed difficulties for the family if CCP was not there to support them. Additionally,
monthly check-ins on Burkley means so much to the family. “CCP means that we have a little less worry in our otherwise very stressful life,” states Burkley’s mom. “When your child is diagnosed with cancer, you drop everything to be with your child. This means we missed countless days of work and yet required more money to pay for travel and food. CCP has been an incredible charity to aid us with these costs and help relieve that burden.”

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