More Help for Cape Fear Children Battling Cancer

Written on December 1, 2022

Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas and Strut for Kids Announce Merger: Forming a Robust Organization to Help Children and Families Battling Cancer 

Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas (CCP), a nonprofit focused on serving children battling cancer across North and South and Carolina, and Strut for Kids, a nonprofit serving greater Wilmington’s families on the childhood cancer journey, are merging to consolidate operations and serve families more efficiently and effectively.  

The restructuring will allow the combined organizations to meet the growing needs of families battling cancer in North and South Carolina. CCP serves all 146 NC and SC counties, with an estimated 2,000 children in 2022. This outreach work overlaps with Strut’s efforts in Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender Counties in NC.  By combining efforts, the nonprofits are stronger as they collectively ensure that their parallel missions – very much alike – will endure until the end of childhood cancer. 

“The support and love childhood cancer patients and their families received from Strut for Kids will endure, stronger than ever through this partnership. We completed a thorough due diligence evaluation and it was abundantly clear throughout the process that CCP’s mission and vision aligned with that of Strut; Cape Fear families and those far beyond our service area will undoubtedly benefit from the programming and operational strength of the combined nonprofit organizations,” said Amy McFarland, Strut For Kids board President. “Our families will benefit from the highly professional CCP Family Advocate Staff working alongside many volunteers locally in our community.”  

This merger will allow greater cost-efficiency and flexibility to meet family needs. While CCP support averages $1,500 per child per year, even a single child referred for specialized treatment in NY, TX, or beyond can require $10-12,000 annually for travel, extended lodging, and meals. 

“The impact and strengths of Strut for Kids and CCP are already substantial. The merger will bolster our organization as we will have a larger reach and resources for Eastern North Carolina,” said Laura Allen, CCP Executive Director. “By aligning with Strut for Kids, Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas will increase service delivery as our two organizations have the same strategic vision. The merger will proceed at a pace that ensures minimal disruption to children and their families, and we are honored to come together to help those in need.”  

Allen and McFarland both pointed out that childhood cancer is an invisible tragedy for many, but the facts are powerful: 

  1. Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children 
  1. Too few places treat childhood cancers – only 6 locations in NC, 3 in SC 
  1. Children of poor and rural families suffer 3X greater risks 
  1. Barely 4% of research dollars are targeted to pediatric cancers 
  1. One in 5 children will not survive five years; on a more realistic time frame, 1 in 3 will not survive 20 years 
We had a great evening announcing the merger with our Cape Fear families and Strut for Kids partners.

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