Overcoming cancer together: How a little girl’s fight with leukemia is helping others

Written on April 28, 2023


PUBLISHED 7:19 PM ET APR. 25, 2023

WAKE FOREST, N.C. — One little girl’s triumph over cancer is leading the way for an organization to do more good for others.

What You Need To Know

Edith Storage was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2020

The 7-year-old ended her last chemotherapy treatment in December 2022
The Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolina provided monetary aid to the Storages

Steve Logue, a family friend, approached the family about raising money for the charity of their choice

Edith Storage, 7, received a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2020.

The Storage family has navigated a lot of physical and emotional challenges. They had no clue their little girl’s leukemia diagnosis could eventually help other families in two states.

Along the way, a nonprofit was able to provide the family with some financial help. 

Since the final bell was rung to end Edith Storage’s cancer treatment, her story indirectly provides money to other families facing a similar journey. 

Before the opportunity to give back, there was the harsh reality of being a parent to a child with a diagnosis of leukemia for her mom, Shanna Storage.

“(It was) definitely tough. Nothing that you can imagine,” Storage said.

Storage said for the first nine months, there were weekly and sometimes biweekly chemotherapy treatments at UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill. The difficulty was not only scheduling Edith Storage ’s appointments and driving her to see the doctor. Shanna Storage and Michael Storage, Edith’s father, have two other children: a younger son, Wyatt, and an older daughter, Avery.

“You have to again stay positive, you are not only a mother with one child going through something huge. You are a mother to two others,” Shanna Storage said.

During the day-to-day grind, a social worker at UNC Children’s Hospital contacted an organization called Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas. The social worker referred the Storage family for financial assistance.

“We just try to alleviate that burden with assistance as best we can,” said Blake Stafford-Gomez, the family programs manager for CCP. “I think when a child is diagnosed with cancer a family is mainly thinking about ‘how am I going to pay my household bills?’”

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity offers support throughout the treatment process and often continues aiding families until a child reaches the age of 21. 

The organization raises money across North and South Carolina.

“It’s the best feeling. There’s a reason why I have been here seven years,” Stafford-Gomez said.

Areas of primary financial assistance can include paying for gas necessary for transportation, overnight stays and meals.

Stafford-Gomez said part of the organization’s mission is also calling families to let them know the group is by their side every step of the way.

“You have no idea just you calling us once a month to check in, it just meant so much because it was someone outside of our family. Someone outside of what we were going through, and her calling just made it so much better,” Shanna Storage said.

Sometimes employees of CCP take diapers, wipes and other household needs at hospitals for the next appointment.

The Storage family said CCP primarily paid for parking, gas and food.

“Those costs start adding up, and it was really helpful to have CCP there for us,” Shanna Storage said.

Steve Logue is a family friend who works at Surety Systems.

Surety Systems is a consulting firm based in Raleigh. Logue said after the good news broke about Edith Storage’s fight with leukemia coming to an end, he had an idea.

“That’s when I approached the family and asked them what organizations helped you because until you are in their shoes, it’s not much you really know much about,” Logue said.

Logue’s company made the call to match any donation up to $5,000 for any charity the family chose.

“We just decided to take it a little step further and bring a little bit of visibility to this,” Logue said.

Michael Storage said the answer was clear on which organization to pick.

“CCP has always been the one,” Storage said.

When the decision was made, a fundraising effort was launched on LinkedIn by Surety Systems to further aid CCP’s mission.

“It also means a lot when families decide to take that and then give it back,” Stafford-Gomez said.

Now that a child’s fight with leukemia has come full circle, the family looks forward to spending as much time together as possible, through the good and bad.

“I love it. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else besides being with my kids. It’s one of the best things ever,” Michael Storage said.

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