Partner Spotlight: HealthMarkets

Written on February 7, 2023

Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas began partnering with HealthMarkets-Josh Crumley at the 2022 Docs Who Rock, where HealthMarkets was the Green Room Sponsor. Because of HealthMarkets’ sponsorship, we were able to support seven children and their families travel, stay, and activities at the Holiday Spectaculars.

“I choose to support the Children’s Cancer Partners for a couple of different reasons. First, I have children myself and couldn’t imagine how difficult it is, as a parent, to see your child endure such a horrible illness like cancer. It can be taxing not only physically, but financially,” state Josh Crumley. “Second, the funds donated to Children’s Cancer Partners are used to support families that are local in our own communities in the Carolina’s. That means a lot!”

We look forward to a continued partnership with HealthMarkets! You can learn more about Josh Crumley here.

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