When Maddox was just five years old, his life, and his family's life, got turned upside down.
"Maddox started complaining of headaches in the fall of 2019," his mom, Leslie, said. "By the week of Christmas, he started vomiting daily with massive headaches. I was taking him into his pediatrician's office weekly."
When Maddox's symptoms got worse, his doctors recommended an MRI, which showed a 4 cm mass on his brain stem. That meant emergency surgery before proton radiation at UF Proton in Jacksonville, Florida, chemo at Duke, and two years of physical and occupational therapy.
Today, Maddox is doing amazing! He just finished 5th grade, ended the school year with straight As, and even won the character award for his class.
"His perseverance amazes me," Leslie said ."You would never know his journey just by looking at him."
Through his journey and beyond, CCP has and will be there for Maddox and his family.
"We are so very thankful for CCP graciously reimbursing for travel, gas, and food," Leslie said. "I always received a friendly phone call checking in, and Maddox also received thoughtful goodies in the mail. We appreciate all that you did for us in such a stressful time in our lives!"
We'll continue to be there for Maddox and more than 2,400 children like him this year in the Carolinas, but we can't do it without you. Consider making a donation today!