After a fall and an upset stomach, Amor’s mom brought her son to an emergency room, thinking he might have a concussion. Instead, his CT scan showed he had Hydrocephalus, and an MRI revealed a brain tumor. The next day, Amor was scheduled for brain surgery.

While still in recovery, Amor was diagnosed with Ependymoma, which is a rare, malignant type of brain tumor. Amor’s mom, Alasia, was finishing her last year at college while trying to get her son to radiation and chemotherapy.

“CCP made it possible for me to get my son the best treatment. Because of CCP, I was able to move to Cincinnati, Ohio, for 6 weeks to get Amor proton radiation. This is a huge deal because it gave Amor a better chance cognitively. Financially, our stay was completely covered, and I always had my advocate constantly checking up on me! I will always be so grateful for the support that we received,” Alasia said.

Today, we’re happy to report Amor graduated from treatment three months after his mom graduated college! He loves playing T-ball, with trucks and cars, and saying the word "no!"

“Before my son was diagnosed, I knew nothing about childhood cancer, and I wish I were more aware,” Alasia said. “I would think, “How is he still happy going through all of this so young?” He taught me to keep smiling, pushing, and living life.”
Amor and Alasia