Volunteer Spotlight: Debra DiStefano

Written on February 5, 2021

Debra has been volunteering for CPP for the last 4 years. Debra holds CCP close to her heart. She volunteers for us because of her daughter Rachel, one of our Superhero Angels, whom we lost in 2016. Debra firmly believes in the mission and purpose of CCP. She loves being able to give back to an organization that gave them so much and to help families that are traveling the journey they traveled not too long ago.

Debra’s favorite CCP event to volunteer for is the Cribb’s Kitchen Burger Cook-Off. She loves seeing families together and everyone enjoying themselves.

Debra (far left) with her family volunteering at Cribb’s Kitchen Burger Cook-Off in 2018.

“Giving back with kindness and from the goodness of her heart is exactly how I would describe Debra DiStefano. She is a true inspiration to everyone in our office. Always arriving to volunteer with that special smile and special way of saying hello. Debra is one of the first people I think of when we need help with an important project because I know everything she touches here, she touches with care. We “love” her!!!!”

-Kim Melick, Director of Operations

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