Volunteer Spotlight: Gail Lux

Written on November 11, 2021

Children’s Cancer Partners is proud to spotlight Gail Lux! New to Spartanburg and enjoying her new retired lifestyle, Gail enjoys giving back by supporting our families on their childhood cancer journey. With decades of experience as a nurse practitioner in pediatric and hospice settings, Gail has been a wonderful addition to our volunteer corps! A true asset! 

“I have enjoyed getting to volunteer with Children’s Cancer Partners and using my personal passions and professional experiences to give back,” said Gail.

Specifically, Gail has been instrumental with working with our schools who have been impacted by childhood cancer to help enlist them as an official Kidz in Lids school. With her background, she has been perfect in this role of helping our school leaders understand the impact childhood cancer has on a child and their family.  Kidz in Lids mobilizes students to show concern for other local youth who battling childhood cancer by bringing a dollar to school, and get to wear their favorite hat throughout the school day. Thanks to Gail, Kidz in Lids continues to grow across the Carolinas every day! To get involved in Kidz in Lids, or other volunteer please contact program director Kate Morrow at [email protected].

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